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Tour De France facts and information: INFOGRAPHIC

July 2nd is the grand depart of Tour De France 2016 from Mont-Saint-Michel, as our excitement is at its peaks we are here to post the detailed infographic which contains all the interesting facts and information of Le Tour De France. has designed this below infographic. Download/ share on social media platforms before doing that first enjoy the Tour de France Facts and Information.

Tour De France facts and information: INFOGRAPHIC

Infographic Tour de France

Distances, Broadcast & Media, Winners by Nationality, Tour Statistics, Team Statistics and Few General Numbers these are few topic discussed in the Tour De France  infographic.
 Keep reading for information on infographic in detail.

 Tour De France 2015 Unknown Facts

•    Around 3664 Km is the mean tour distance. That is the distance from Jerusalem to                      London.
•    with a height of 2645m , Col du Giaber is the highest stage of Tour de France.
•    Around 486,000 is an average pedal strokes per person per tour.
•    Around 96.25 Million  total Pedal Strokes.

Tour De France 2016 Team Statistics:

•    9 riders per team.
•    Each team will be having 4 Coaches.
•    Mechanics-4
•    Doctor-1
•    Carriers-5
•    Chef-1
•    Hospitality Staff members-2
•    Director of Cycling-1
•    transport and hospitality bookings manager-1
•    steopath-1
•    communications manager-1

NOTE: These facts are collected from TEAM SKY, one of the best teams in Tour de France.

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Check the infographic for for more information about the equipment.

Tour De France 2016 Media & Broadcast Facts

•    On an average Tour will have 450 Journalists
•    Total Live TV coverage will be 2400 Hrs
•    Total TV stations covering the event is 121+
•    Whooping 3.9 Billion spectators.

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Tour De France 2016 Tour Stats:

•    200 Riders and 1400 bikes
•    $610,000 is the prize money for winner.
•    $4.3 Million will be the total money given as prizes.
•    Throughout the Tour riders will get support from 240 support cars.
•    Around 66000 Water bottles will be used in tour.
•    Around 792 Cycling Suits
•    Around 8400 bags of food
•    More than 12 Million Spectators along the road side.
•    Around 25000 Security people.

Winners: Tour De France 2016

Here is the list of Winners by nationality are:
1.    France-36
2.    Belgium-18
3.    Spain-12
4.    Italy-10
5.    Luxembourg-5
6.    USA-3
7.    UK-2

Tour de France winners list:

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